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Shirts Coordinator

Basic Job

together school t-shirt design, get printed and distributed to students at
Dragon Dash in September.

Lisa -2018-19

Come up with a t-shirt design and get approved
in June

The dragon was purchased from Istock online. 

Contact 3
printers for estimates

Ad Wear was
the cheapest 

forget to give them our tax exception number when getting estimates.

Here are
the numbers and colors we used for grades. We had way too many so you might
want to adjust the numbers.

Teachers and PTA volunteers decided their own sizes and add that
to the order.

Once approved put in the order in at least 4 weeks before your
Dragon dash deadline. 

Getting Donations:

Make sure to get help from everyone in the PTA for this. It’s a
big job! 

Companies that donate are logos that go on the back of t-shirts.
The price is as follows:

The largest size cost $1000.00

Medium $500.00

Small $250

The donor this year came from:


Krispy Kreme

El Pollo Loco

H&R Block


Doug Smith auto


Granger Medical

Geertsen’s Insurance

Corner Canyon Cheer

On the day of:

Set up:

  • Two tables. 
  • Tarp to lay shirts on behind
    pick up table.
  • Printed signs for each grade
    and tape to front of table so people know where to pick up their shirt.
  • The
    tables had grade level lists taped to it. 
    Each grade level (entire grade level) was listed alphabetically by
    child’s first name (that is the name kids give you so it is easier).  We then highlighted the name when shirt was
    picked up.

to cross it off names as shirts are picked up.

Use the
tarp to set the t-shirts on the ground behind the tables. Arrange them in size.
Takes about 45 mins to organize so make sure you get there in time. Have one
volunteer for every grade to make it go smoothly. 

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