1080 East 12660 S., Draper, UT 84020

Bell Schedule

Draper Elementary School
2023-24 Bell Schedule
8:15 a.mBreakfast Starts  
8:50 a.m.First Bell Rings BRAIN BOOSTER Classes
8:55 a.m.Tardy Bell Rings Kinder Tuesday, 10:20-11:20, Thursday 12:35-1:35
3:30 p.m.M-Th School Day Ends 1st grade Wednesday, Thursday, 10:20-11:20
1:50 p.m.Friday Early Dismissal 2nd grade Wednesday, Thursday 11:30-12:30
   3rd grade Tuesday , Wednesday 2:30-3:30
Lunch/Recess 4th grade Wednesday, Thursday 9:10-10:10
11:25-11:45K Lunch Room 5th grade Tuesday, Wednesday 1:15-2:15
11:45-12:05K Recess  
11:40 -12:005th Lunchroom 10:15-10:25 M-F Kindergarten-Schmidt
12:00-12:205th Recess 10:25-10:35 M-F Kindergarten- Waddell
   10:35-10:45 M-F Kindergarten-Bentley
12:00-12:201st Lunchroom 10:45-10:55 M-F Kindgergarten-Harrison
12:20-12:401st Recess 10:30-10:45 M-F 3rd Grade
   10:45-11:00 M-F 2nd Grade
12:20-12:403rd Lunchroom 11:00- 11:15 M-F 4th Grade
12:40-1:003rd Recess 1:50-2:00 M-F Kindergarten-Schmidt
   2:00-2:10 M-F Kindergarten-Waddell
12:35-12:552nd Lunchroom 2:10-2:20 M-F Kindergarten-Bentley
12:55-1:152nd Recess 2:20-2:30 M-F Kindergarten-Harrison
   2:00-2:15 M-Th 9:45-10:00 F 1st Grade
12:50-1:104th Lunchroom 2:15-2:30 M-Th 10:15-10:30 F 5th Grade
1:10-1:304th Recess  
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