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Draper Elementary SCC Meeting

Monday 10/12/2020

In Attendance:

Janene Day (parent, Chair) Mike Weaver (parent) Stacey Shaw (parent) Sarah Cole (parent)

Lisa Wright (parent)
Angie Stallings (parent)
Megan Litster (parent)
Christy Waddell (principal)
Madison Ellingson (employee, Co-Chair) Katie Tinoco (employee, Secretary)


Meeting Agenda:

  1. Welcome- Janene

  2. Approve Previous Meeting Minutes-Janene

  3. SCC Trainings Update-Janene

a. Who has attended? Who has watched the training?

b. Who plans to attend 10/13?

  1. COVID Update-Christy

  2. Digital Citizenship/School Safety-Christy

  3. TSSP and Land Trust Plan-Christy

  4. Budget-Christy

  5. Safe Walking Routes-Stacey


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