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Draper Elementary SCC Meeting

Monday 12/14/2020

In Attendance:
Janene Day (parent, Chair)-​present
Mike Weaver (parent)-​present
Stacey Shaw (parent)-​present
Sarah Cole (parent)-​present
Lisa Wright (parent)-​present
Angie Stallings (parent)-​present
Megan Litster (parent)-​present
Christy Waddell (principal)-​present
Madison Ellingson (employee, Co-Chair)-​present Katie Tinoco (employee, Secretary)-​present


Meeting Agenda:

  1. Welcome
  2. Approve Previous Meeting Minutesminutes approved
  3. COVID Update

Janene Janene


*We currently have 1 positive person and 7 on quarantine. Those on quarantine can test today and be back tomorrow. There is a teacher out due to a family member out. There are also a few students on quarantine because they have family members who are positive. There is also an aide out because they have a family member who is positive. *Are there any students who have tested positive that were exposed at school? None at our school.

  1. Finalize Digital Citizenship and School Safety plan Christy*Traci Preece is the digital citizenship leader for the school and has all of the activities planned. She does an amazing job at covering everything that needs to be covered. *Are there any safety concerns (beyond the safe walking route)?

    -People can just walk onto the playground. There needs to be signage that reminds parents they need to check-in to the office first.

    -Are there students who are a flight-risk? They have to walk around the building from the cafeteria. Cones can be put up in the opening so students don’t go into the parking lot. There is also an aide who helps them at the beginning of the year.

  2. Safety Drills ChristyESCAPE drill- just information that is shared with the teachers about what to do during

    an active shooter situation.

  3. Budget Review Christy

We are in good shape with the budget. We are on track with our spending. We’ve spent a lot of money on computers; the 90 that were ordered have finally arrived. There are enough computers that a student could check one out if they got put on quarantine. We are spending all of the money on this year’s kids that we had planned on.

7. Safe Walking Routes Christy

There is no new information right now. Christy will turn in our plan to the district by February.

*How long are the free lunches going to continue? As far as we know, it will continue after the beginning of the year. Students do not have to take them if they don’t want them. Food is being wasted at the secondary level. The health department requires that kids have certain things in their lunches.

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