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Room Parent Coordinator

Basic Job Description:

Communicate information to parents for different needs during school year.

As Room Parent Coordinator you are responsible to communicate items out to the room parents. Primarily Halloween party times & locations and Valentines party times & locations.

Since we are a Dual Immersion school, we have assigned times for DLI classes to accommodate combining the DLI class and the rooms in which they fit (i.e. gym, cafeteria, kiva) for class parties. 

At the beginning of the year you work with the teachers to compile a list of their room parents (name & email) so you have a master list.  Any email not received from teachers you get from the front office. A few weeks after school starts, we hold a breakfast that gives the room parent & teacher an opportunity to meet and chat about what they are looking for from each other for support for the year. There is a $50 budget for this breakfast. We try to have the Halloween party flyer ready to pass out at this breakfast.

Later in the year you work with the Principal to verify times for the Valentines parties and communicate this to the room parents. Your help is appreciated, but not required, at the sorting of donuts or cookies on Halloween morning or Valentine’s Day morning. (PTA provides Donuts for each class on Halloween & Cookies for each class on Valentines – they need to be counted out and delivered to each classroom).

Occasionally, the room parent coordinator is asked to send other communication to room parents, things like art night or teacher appreciation. These emails will be written and ready to send, you are just asked to do it since you have the master list. This position can mostly be done from home.  This position spends approximately 8 total hours a year (depending on if you help with sorting, etc.)

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