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November PTA Meeting

Draper Elementary School PTA Minutes

Community Meeting

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 Teachers’ Lounge 9:00am

Attendance: Janene, Tamara, Melanie, Marissa, Shalane, Kristin, Crystal, Morgan, Timette, Cara, Christy, Emily Quorum Present: yes Executive Board: President: Marissa Geertsen; President Elect: Cathy Smith and Shalane Brower; Secretary:

Janene Day; Treasurer: Kristin Kristensen; Legislative VP: Melarie Wheat; Memberships: Susy Cotterell

Meeting Started: 9:05


  1. Call to Order/Welcome Marissa a. Staff Appreciation week has been going well. b. We now have reserved PTA parking spots in the teacher parking lot

  2. Collect Volunteer Hours/Approve Minutes Janene a. Bylaws were approved

    b. Last month’s minutes approved

  3. Budget Report Kristin

    1. Tamara Hinckley will shadow Kristin to learn how to be treasurer for next year.

    2. We are current and everything looks good

    3. Insurance is up to date

    4. Taxes have been filed

4. Membership Update a. 9 Teacher PTA memberships came in

5. Legislative VP Update a. No update this meeting

6. Fundraising Update a. Grand Total: $20, 185.71

Susy Melarie Marissa/Kristin

  1. Corporate Donations: just under $3,000

  2. Need: $4,814.29 to meet $25,000 goal

  3. Everyone loved the kiss the pig assembly. All 4th grade teachers kissed the big. We only asked

    for one but they all did it.

  4. We need a banner of all our sponsors. If anyone is able to create a banner and wants to help,

    please contact Marissa.

7. Box Tops Update Tamara

  1. We collected $223 from our last collection

  2. $80 came from the the app

  3. Total earned this year: $537

  4. First graders got an extra 10 minutes of recess for being the top class for box tops

  5. Check will come in December and in May

  1. Ms. Beckertt will make a tutorial to send to families for the box top app

  2. Tamara won $10 for the school during one of the contests on the box top app

  3. There are bonuses every month – listed on the app

  4. Next collection: 12/16

8. Red Ribbon Week Update

  1. Red Ribbon week went well

  2. Popcorn was a fun time

  3. The solo cups went well


  1. Emergency Kits

    1. Need: Granola bar, sucker, fruit snacks, bottle of water for 710

    2. Kids with allergies – will need to provide their student with a kit

    3. Marissa hasn’t been able to find any Eagle Scouts willing to do our emergency kits

    4. The last couple of years we have had them donated by Eagle Scouts

    5. We have options of people to contact

  2. Staff Appreciation Week Crystal

    1. Happening this week Monday 11/11 to Friday 11/15

    2. Teachers are invited to participate

    3. We have gotten the donations we needJ

    4. We need extra guacamole and sour cream for tomorrow’s lunch.

    5. Lunch will be 11:00-2:00 for all staff and teachers

    6. With donations the total has been $1000 but on budget with actual spending

    7. Crystal, Morgan and Timette have done an amazing job!

  3. PTA Awards Sarah

    1. How the PTA recognizes teachers, volunteers and staff

    2. Awards handed out: Mid January to February

    3. Survey will be made and sent to families in December

    4. Budget: $200

    5. We will have a table at the Christmas Concert to get more families to participate

  4. Café Zupas Night Timette

    1. Tuesday 12/3 from 5:00 – 9:00

    2. Draper Zupas

    3. 25% donated to our school – eat in, takeout and online orders

    4. Let the cashier know that you are with Draper Elementary

    5. Online orders: enter “Fundraiser25” in the Coupon Code

    6. There are stickers to give the kids

    7. Timette has 30 pencils that can be given out. She is suggesting we have people comment on

Instagram which teacher that should get the pencils Performances Janene

13. Choir a. Monday 12/2 6:00-6:30 Draper Tree of Life Lighting Ceremony

i. City does hot chocolate, cookies, etc.

  1. Friday 12/6 7:00-7:40 Festival of Trees

  2. Monday 12/16 6:00-7:00 Christmas Concert at Draper Park Middle School


i. Need to announce: PTA nominations and PTA awards 14. PTA Nomination Committee Marissa

  1. Kristin and Marissa will be on the committee

  2. We need another person to join the committee to help get more people to join the PTA

    executive board

15. Classic Skate Night Marissa

  1. We had just under 300 students attend our Classic Skate night

  2. President Elects will need to decide if this is something we should continue to do and spend the

money on. c. It’s not expensive ($200)

16. December Newsletter to include a. PTA Awards/nominations


  1. Staff Appreciation Week update

  2. Box Top collection: 12/16

  3. Reflections – who is moving on

  4. Council – Region – District – State – National

i. Council is next Tuesday 11/19 17. Veteran’s Day Assembly Update Christy

  1. We had 10 Veterans attend

  2. Students were very respectful and did well

  3. Veterans commented how respectful our students were

  4. Choir sang and we had a slideshow of Veterans

  5. Christy plans to do this next year and will keep the slideshow and add to it next year

Next Meeting: Tuesday, December 10th at 9:00 in the Teachers’ Lounge Meeting Adjourned: 9:55

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