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Leg V.P.

Basic Job Description:

Attends monthly meetings to keep local board up-to-date on basic legislative issues.

Job can be tailored to a person’s situation.

The Utah PTA handbook contains information on the role of the Legislative V.P.

  • There are available trainings specific to legislative issues that should be attended if they are held: Utah PTA Advocacy Conference, Utah PTA Legislative Conference, PTA Day at the Capitol.
  • Attends Legislative Action Committee monthly meetings at the state PTA headquarters in Murray every month starting in August. Meetings are two hours long. An agenda is emailed in advance and minutes are distributed to all. At this meeting the discussion is center on legislation that will be supported by the PTA as a whole body.
  • Study legislation sent out by the state PTA.
  • Attend weekly meetings during the legislative session (about 7 meetings) at the Capitol in the Senate Building between January and March. They still last two hours. You are always welcome to bring your lunch to any of the meetings.
  • Attends executive board meeting prior to the start of school year. How many will depend on the what is decided as a board and attends monthly PTA board meetings at the elementary school. Meeting lasts one hour. Day and time are determined by the board prior to the beginning of school.  Communicate all pertinent legislative information during those meetings. When the state PTA takes a position of support on certain legislative initiatives sometimes it is needed to disseminate that information to all PTA members so they can contact their legislators to support the initiative/bill/etc.
  • On election year, the PTA council puts together a Meet the Candidates night and under the leadership of the council Legislative V.P. the event needs to be planned and executed. Volunteers from the pool of Legislative V.P. at the schools are needed to be part of the various committees that put together the event and are also asked to attend the event and advertise at their local schools and neighborhoods. In the Fall 2018 we had about 4 meetings prior to the Meet the Candidates night.
  • There is an advocacy tab in the state’s PTA website with information on legislative issues.
  • Attends Spring state PTA two-day leadership convention. The school’s PTA will reimburse for cost. 

At beginning of year is in charge of school t-shirt (if there is not a separate person to coordinate the t-shirt).  Getting design, finding businesses to donate (along with others) (business donors will get name on t-shirt), bids for printing, pick up from printer and distribution at Dragon Dash.  You have help with distribution, business donations. 

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