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December 9

Posted in News & Announcements

DRAGON DELIVERY                                                                                    December 9, 2018

From Principal Christy Waddell

PTA AWARDS: Please nominate your favorite teacher, volunteer, staff, or support person for the 2018 PTA awards!  Vote today athttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QL2C5LF

RECESS AIR QUALITY: We have guidelines that we take seriously when determining whether or not the students can go outside to play.  Be sure your child’s teacher is aware of any respiratory problems you student may have.  You may want to check out this web site:  http://health.utah.gov/asthma/airquality/recess.html  This is where I get my information.  For current conditions you may go to this link:  http://air.utah.gov/currentconditions.php?id=slc  

ATTENDANCE:  21 percent of Canyons District students were chronically absent in 2017-2018. For every classroom of 30 students, 5 missed 10 percent of the school year, or more. Help us realize our New Year’s Resolution to #BeGreatMissLessThanEight days of school.

BOXTOPS:Our BoxTop for May and October was very successful. We collected 5,330 Boxtops and the school earned $703.30. The top BoxTop classes were; Madsen, Yao, Myles and Wu. Our next collection day is February 13, 2019. The PTA thanks all of you who collect and turn in the Boxtops, because the Boxtop program is successful with your participation. 

FILM FESTIVAL:It’s that time to start thinking about the Film Festival. Please go to this link to get more information:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/106x3CNQKbX1NPCadEr_gbDBRu9jZ-kHm?usp=sharing


Monday December 10th: 6:00pm Choir and Orchestra program at Draper Park Middle School. 

Monday December 10th: Storytelling Assembly and 4thgrade Workshop

Tuesday December 11th: 9:00am PTA meeting

Friday December 14th: 9:30am CCHS Holiday Concert Assembly

Tuesday December 18th:  5thgrade to the Nutcracker

Wednesday December 19th: Last day of school for Winter Break. Full Day- school is out at 3:20pm.