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November 4

Posted in News & Announcements

DRAGON DELIVERY                                                                                    NOVEMBER 4, 2018

From Principal Christy Waddell

PARKING LOT DROP OFF:  We have had some parents driving way to fast into the parking lot when dropping off their kids or just driving unsafely.  PLEASE be careful.  We have also notice when picking up some parents are parking going westbound on the street that comes into ours and having their children run across traffic to get into their car.  This is so unsafe.  Your children are precious.  Please, please, be overly cautious when coming to our school.

DUAL IMMERSION APPLICATIONS:  The window is open from October 8thto November 21st.  If you have a kindergarten student and are interested in dual immersion you MUST apply during that window, even if there are siblings in the program. Please go to this link for more information:  http://www.canyonsdistrict.org/district-news/item/12076-apply-online-for-csd-s-dual-language-immersion-programs

SCC- SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL:  The next meeting will be on November 26that 3:00pmin our media center.  Everyone is welcome.  The upcoming dates of all the future SCC meeting are on our website. 

PARENT SURVEY:  You should be receiving an email from the district after Friday the 9ththat will ask you to fill out a survey on our school.  Please fill this out so we can get everyone’s opinion. Thank you!!

VETERANS DAY CHOIR PERFORMANCE: The choir will be performing at the Draper Park Veterans Day program from 11:00am – 11:30am on Friday November 9th.


Friday November 9th:  11-11:30 Veteran’s Day Choir presentation at the Park

Friday November 9th:  1:40 Early Out Day

November 10-30:  Parent Survey