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September 10

Posted in News & Announcements

DRAGON DELIVERY                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 9, 2018

From Principal Christy Waddell

DRAGON DASH:  The PTA is sponsoring this Fundraiser.  Please support this by having your children bring back their envelopes with donations.  The Dash will be at Corner Canyon High School at 5:30pm on September 17th.  Please come and join us.  Grade level races begin at 6:00pm.

CHOIR:  If you signed up for choir, it begins this week, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00am.

AIR QUALITY:  We check the air quality often to determine whether or not students should go outside to play.  If your child has asthma or a respiratory condition that puts them in a sensitive group, then please make sure the teacher is aware of that.

SALTA TESTING ANNOUNCED:  The window is September 10-October 3.  Go to this web site for more information and to sign up:  https://salta.canyonsdistrict.org/salta/start.cfm

REGION 17 PTA’S MEET THE CANDIDATE NIGHT:  Wednesday October 10, 6:00-8:30pm.  Indian Hills Middle School.  50 candidates have been invited.  Our own district’s school board candidates will take part in a panel discussion from 7:30-8:30pm in their Kiva.  

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE SIGN UP: Starting Monday, September 10th, and running until midnight of Thursday, September 20th, parents will have the opportunity to access their teachers’ calendars and schedule a convenient conference time.  If you have not made an appointment by September 20th, teachers will pick a time for you and notify you in a take-home note of the conference time. You will sign up on Skyward Family Access.  Any questions please call our main office.

DRAGON DEPUTIES:  We would love to have volunteers come to the school and spend the day or part of the day helping out in classrooms and especially playing with the kids at recess and lunch.  We have a great program called Dragon Deputies.  You need to make sure you have filled out the volunteer application on line at the district website.  You can schedule a time or simply drop in if you have the time. Draper is a great place to hang out. This is for dad’s, mom’s, grandparents, aunts or uncles.  The kids love to see you in the building.


Monday September 10:  CBM testing for Kinder-2ndgrade.  

Tuesday September 11:  9:00am PTA meeting

Friday September 14: 3:30 pm SCC meeting to set calendar for the year. Everyone is invited.