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October 23, 2017

Posted in News & Announcements

DRAGON DELIVERY                                                                                     OCTOBER 22, 2017

From Principal Christy Waddell

HIRING:  Our Custodian, Dave Nuzman, is hiring an aide to work 10 hours a week in the cafeteria.  The position is Monday – Friday 11:15 – 1:15, just 10 hours a week. I want to let you know that the 1.5 hours a day I spend in the cafeteria is my most favorite of the day.  The kids are happy and I love to just talk to them.  I hope someone wants to come join us. Please email Dave if you are interested.  His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PLAYGROUND REMINDER:  Please remind your children that at school EVERYONEis allowed to play soccer, football, basketball, all the games we play.  School is where kids learn how to play these games.  We never exclude because someone is not a good player.  Let’s be kind and include all.

DUAL IMMERSION APPLICATIONS:  The window is open from October 9th to November 22nd.  If you have a kindergarten student and are interested in dual immersion you MUST apply during that window, even if there are siblings in the program.  There is a parent information night if you are interested in knowing more about the program.  It is November 1st from 6-8pm.  Please go to this link for more information:  http://www.canyonsdistrict.org/district-news/item/4122-coming-soon-apply-online-for-csd-s-dual-language-immersion-programs

SCC- SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL:  The next meeting will be on November 13th at 5:00pm in our media center.  Everyone is welcome.  The upcoming dates of all the future SCC meeting are on our website.

RED RIBBON WEEK:  Please look at the flier attached.Red Ribbon Week Themes.pdf 

DRAPER PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL:  The middle school has an event on Monday.  Education + Communication = Empowered Families.  They will be talking about important issues facing our community.  Food Trucks at 6pm, Speakers at 7pm.  Everyone is invited.

HALLOWEEN:  We are planning to have our parade begin a little after 9:00am.  We will parade through the school and then parade outside around the Historic park.  You should place yourself outside by 9:30 so you don’t miss anyone.  We cannot have any parents in the school building.


Monday October 23rd: Middle School event at 7pm, Food trucks at 6pm

Monday October 23rd: Wear Red to kick off Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday October 24th:  Wear Crazy socks for Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday October 25th: Wear your favorite Team attire for Red Ribbon Week

Thursday October 26th: Wear your P.J.’s for Red Ribbon Week

Thursday October 26th: 9:30am  Anti-bullying assembly 3rd grade from Shriner’s hospital

Friday October 27th:  Wear Draper Elementary School shirt

RED RIBBON WEEK: October 23-27