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Dragons and Doughnuts

Basic Job Description:

In charge of 2-4 Dragon and Doughnuts sessions.  Orders and picks up morning of doughnuts, milk, coffee for the day of event.  With other volunteers, is there to pass out doughnuts, milk, coffee, etc.

October 2018  Wendy Murrills

  • Ordered donuts about 2 weeks ahead.
  • Dunford  Bakery- about $4.75 a dozen. We should have ordered 600 donuts.
  • Talk to the lunch ladies a week or so ahead of time to order milk from them.
  • Food for Thought brought in coffee (a little late) 

Talk to them a few weeks before about coffee and confirm with them the day before (which didn’t work in October)

April 2018

 For Dragons and Donuts we ordered 600 donuts ($236), about 4 dozen too many still.

Here is the milk invoice.

We went through about 2 1/2 carafes of coffee.  We split the duties to be: 

*Coffee (order from Food for Thought) cups, milks, sugars, stir sticks & a sign thanking Food for Thought. 

*Cafeteria- coordinate with Fano for set up & lunch ladies for milks (at least 2 weeks in advance)

*Donuts-place order & coordinate pick-up.

*Napkins, traffic control and serving the morning of. 

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