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Box Tops Coordinator

Basic Job description:

Is in charge of running Box Top collection during the school year.  Collects from classes, counts, bags and sends off to Box Tops.

Collection process:

The first year, I went on the Box Top website and logged in the site coordinator access and changed the coordinator name and contact information as we went to from another lady to me.

At the beginning of each school year I prepare the collection boxes with current teacher names. I select 3 collections dates; the first one at the middle of October for the November 1st deadline, the second one at the middle of February for the March 1st deadline, and the third collection in the middle of May before the end of school. The collection dates are usually on the long 3 or 4 day weekends to get it counted and mailed.  I made a flyer with of these dates with my contact information and put them in the boxes and delivered them to the teachers’ mailboxes in the faculty room. The flyer was emailed to the principal. 

When there is two or three weeks ahead of the collection, I email the principal to have the Box Top collection date added to her weekly email that she sends out to the principal. Within the week of the collection, I also contact Marian (head secretary) to help with the collection.

The morning of the collection, I drop off a large box that has gallon size Ziplock bags with teacher names on the bags. Marian and the office aides will call the classes to bring the Box Top collections down and place the correct collections to the teacher bags and send the collection boxes back to the classrooms.

As for the counting:

Each bag contains 50 Box tops and 50 is written in black sharpie on the bag. I use bags that we submitted from students.  The Box Top cannot include expired Box tops and the dates all information on the Box tops has to be visible. Bonus points are placed in a gallon size bag separate from the individual 50 count bag. I count one class at a time and write down the total for amount of Box tops collected for each teacher.

When collection has been counted and bagged, I count each bag of 50 to get total amount of individual Box tops. I go to the Box Top website and use the site coordinator access to fill out a collection form. To find the collection form, I just follow the directions on the website. After I fill out the form, I submit the form and print 2 copies. One copy for the box being mailed out and one for the coordinator folder. The box I use to mail, is a box save from a package I received so I do not have to purchase a box. 

To prepare the box, the 50 bags go in first, then the bonus Box tops bag with the submission form stapled on the bag. There is a check off list that prints with the submission form to double checked steps. I tape the box up and the tape the mailing form (this also prints with the submission form) on top. I remove any previous mailing information from the box. I will mail the Box tops at the USPS either at the Draper location or a Harmon’s location. This is cheaper than UPS or FedEx. I mailed by the cheapest priority shipping that takes 7 to 10 days. I usually can mail the box on Saturday or Monday after the collection date which usually gives two weeks ahead of the deadline for the Box Top collection to arrive. I keep the receipt from USPS that has the tracking number until I receive the email from Box tops with the submission acceptance and collection check amount that the school earns, then turn the receipt for reimbursement.

I save the submission email until confirmation that the school received the check. It takes 8 to 10 weeks for the check to arrive at the school.

As for the collection’s information:

I document how many Box tops each class turned in a select the top 4 classes. Another lady grouped classes and selected the group who collected the most. I reward the classes with coupons of free ice cream cone or cookies that the PTA already has. If there is a food allergy in the class, that class got a pencil with fun prints on it.

At the last collection, I hold on to the collection boxes so they do not get lost for the next school year, count the collection and prepare them for the November deadline and the add them to the October collection. 


Sharpie to write on bags, Ziplock bags (extra are saved), BoxTop folder with login information, collections information, and copies of submission form, a packaging box, strapping tape.

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