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Weekly Spotlight-Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the best grade!!!  We get to experience their VERY FIRST MOMENTS OF SCHOOL!  It is humbling and exciting to know we can be a part of their first educational experiences. Kindergarten is just as much social as it is academic.  They are learning to listen, follow directions, interact with others, solve problems, say I’m sorry, include friends, etc all while learning language arts, math, science and other things. It is amazing to watch the progress of how much they learn in kindergarten.  Some come into kindergarten knowing so much and others still working on things.  We adapt to each skill level and help them progress to get ready for 1st grade.  That first little bit is big for both the student and parents.  At the beginning of the school year, we go over life skills they may not know such as hanging up a coat or backpack, using a bathroom without mom or dad in there to help,  zipping jackets,  and holding a pencil.  For some this is there first time away from mom and/ or dad. In Language Arts we teach them letters and sounds of those letters that will help them learn to read and in all future grades.  We also add in recognizing sounds in words, blends, high frequency words, breaking apart words, syllables,  and sentences.  By the end of the year, we have many writing sentences and doing so many things on their own.  It is so fun to see. In math we start the year going over numbers 1-10, make our way up to 20 and then eventually up to 100.  Then we add in (no pun intended 😊) addition and subtraction of numbers 1-5.  We end the year with shapes – 2D and 3D. It really is the foundational grade they add on other skills as they progress in following grades.  We also get the best stories, smiles (losing teeth) and excitement.
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