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DRAGON DELIVERY                                                                                           September 13, 2020

From Principal Christy Waddell

SPIRIT NIGHT: Pier 49 is sponsoring a spirit Night Tuesday, September 15 from 11am-9 pm

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES:These are coming up the week of September 21st.  I will send out information on how to sign up tomorrow morning.

FREE LUNCH & BREAKFAST: Everyone is eligible for this. If your child is in person, they simply need to just tell their teacher they are getting the school lunch.  Breakfast is served starting at 8:15am.  On line and Parent led students can pre-order their lunch/breakfast by contacting our lunch manager before 9am (801-826-7975).  You will have to pick it up between 10:45 and 11:15. So sorry, but that is the only time frame where it is available for pick up.

COVID:  Please do not send your kids to school sick.  Several came down to the office this past week and told us they didn’t feel well when they got up but parents wanted them to go to school and see if they felt better after an hour or two.  Please keep these kids at home until they feel better.  It really gets crazy in the office as we try and manage all of the kids that come down sick.  Please remember, if they have any of the covid symptoms then they will have to be out for 24 hours after the symptoms have cleared which means two days at least.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  We are trying very hard to keep everyone safe and well but we need your help and support. Thank you.

5THGRADE PARENTS: SAFETY PATROL—We are going to start this soon.  If your child would like to participate, please go to this link and fill out the information.  We can use the help.



Friday September 18: Short Day

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