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Parent Teacher Conf. Dinner Coordinator

Basic Job Description: Organize dinner to feed teachers during PT Conf in the fall and spring.

To start I would take a survey from the teachers in August to see what kind of meals they would prefer. I feel this will help guide what to make for the teachers.

There are about 30-40 people you will be feeding

I created a sign-up using SIGN UP GENIUS for each night, one week in advance for what we needed donated from parents with times and who to contact if they had any questions.   I also sent out a reminder email to everyone the morning of again reminding them the time, where to drop off the food, and who to contact if they had any questions.

Drop off time is between 4:30-4:45, in the teachers lounge.  The teachers come in and eat between 5-6 pm we had two PTA members stay in the area to make sure no one needed anything and if we needed to replenish anything.  We probably could have just had one stay but we found this useful on a couple of the four days to keep things replenished or find things for the teachers, like salt and pepper, or forks, or cups. It just made it look like we cared.

As a committee we showed up at 4:15 pm to set up the tables clean the room and make everything look nice. I found it easier to bring two long tables from home because the book fair uses all of the extra tables. We put dollar tree plastic table clothes on the serving tables and a long runner with decorations from home in the middle table. We also created little cards that said how amazing our teachers are and placed them on the table.  Mints were also available from the PTA as the teachers left to go back to their PTC. With a Thank You from the PTA for all they do.  On the serving table we also had cards that said what kind of food was there… this is extremely helpful for soup night and meatball night so the teachers have an idea of what’s in the food. 

PTA reimbursed me for all of the plastics needed for the event and then I left the extra in the teachers lounge in one of the cabinets. There is a fabulous Ice Maker in the teachers lounge (SONIC ICE) so do not plan on bringing ice.

Also if you are doing a crockpot night make sure to bring a power surge cord so you can keep all of the crockpots hot and on the table.



4 Soups in a crockpot

3 dozen breadsticks (don’t ask for rolls the teachers prefer breadsticks

6 green salads (this ended up being too many I would change this to 4)

3 Dozen Deserts (better if they are homemade)

3 2 Liter Sodas (parents thought it meant two bottles, make sure on the sign up it says one bottle) WE HAD TONS OF SODA  It might be better to if in the survey to the teacher you ask what they want to drink and we just bring that in, like Diet Coke and Sprite then we ask for just that drink and not just say SODA


PTA DONTATED 6 Family Sized Lasagnas 2 Veggie, 2 Meat, and 2 Cheese (bought and cooked in someone’s home—they took longer to cook than anticipated so plan on an extra hour of cooking than the box states)

4 green salads

3 Dozen Deserts

2 Liters of Soda (TOO much soda we had left over from the day before)



The PTA DONATED Costa Vida Pork and Chicken

Crock pot of cheese dip

Crock pot of beans

6 bags of tortilla chips (too many only 4 is needed)

2 cans of whole kernel corn

2 squeezable containers of sour cream

One bag Mexican cheese

1 bags of shredded lettuce

4 cups cilantro (too much only 2 cups)

One jar sliced jalapenos

One container of mild salsa

One container of guacamole (if you can get someone to make it even better)

1 cans diced tomatoes

4 2 litter sodas

I brought little bowls to put all of the toppings in and little name tags for each thing and poured out the contents of the cans into the bowls so it looked nice.

After we completed this night we thought it might be easy if we did Hawaiian haystacks one night. The teachers seemed to really like making their own meal, and the smell of the meat seemed to make everyone happy too.

MEATBALL BUFFET –not a winner –I wouldn’t do this one again

PTA donated the Meatballs and Cathy Smith and myself made 4 different kinds—all ok but the teachers didn’t really dig it.  We had BBQ, Hawaiian, Tomato, and Asian

2 Full Rice Cookers of Rice

4 Green Salads

4 dozen breadsticks

3 dozen desserts

2 2 litter sodas

(the sodas this time worked out better we did 3 the first day and 2 the second)

–In a nice way it might be good to let parents know the teachers prefer homemade desserts like brownies made from a box, or cookies—the store bought desserts even swig cookies didn’t get much movement but a dozen homemade cookies did.  Just FYI

Also Crystal Tatton on the committee was sweet enough each season to donate flowers for the center pieces and then give them away as a lottery to a well deserving teacher. The teachers loved this and were excited that they won and had no idea they could. –might be something fun to keep going.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Timette Wankier   801-280-1268

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