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January 26, 2020

From Principal Christy Waddell

PTA NEWSLETTER: February Newsletter.pdf 

CHINESE NEW YEAR:We will have 2 Chinese New Year Assemblies on Monday January 27th.  The first one is for kinder-2ndgrade and will be from 9:30-10:30. The second one is for 3rd-5thgrade and PM kinder and will be from 2-3pm.  All DLI kids will be in both assemblies.  They are exactly the same. Parents are invited but please come to ONLY ONE ASSEMBLY.  We may have the parking for everyone but we do not have room in the gym for everyone.

SUPPLEMENTAL KINDERGARTEN: There will be a full day kindergarten at Draper Elementary next year.  It is considered supplemental kindergarten because there is a fee for it. Go to this link to get more information:  I expect we will have many who are interested in this.  

In-N-Out Spirit Night: IN-N-OUT night Tuesday, February 4 from 5-9 pm, Drive Thru or Dine In but you have to mention DRAPER ELEMENTARY… please mention DRAPER ELEMENTARY or the ticket will not count for the total we get back. See you TUESDAY FEBRUARY 4. The PTA has worked hard to keep our spirit nights to only ONE a month and have been extremely grateful to the community for the amazing support. Thank you again to everyone. 

KINDERGARTEN:  It is time to register for kindergarten for next year.  Please contact our office if you have a child who will be in kindergarten next year.  I often have parents who want to have a permit to have their child attend Draper. Please go on line and fill out a permit as soon as possible.  I will be denying it but putting your child on a wait list.  I should know by April if I can accept those applications. 

Teacher of the Year: To honor the stellar teachers who encourage students to seek their dreams and reach for the stars, the Canyons Board of Education and Administration encourage members of the community to submit nominations for the 2020 Canyons Teacher of the Year Award. Students, parents, patrons, PTAs, business partners, and Canyons employees are all invited to nominate an educator starting now through Monday, Feb. 3. All teachers who have completed at least one year in the classroom are eligible for consideration. She or he also must showcase outstanding teaching practices, professionalism, and involvement in the school community. Nomination forms are submitted to the school where the teacher is employed. Each school will have a Teacher of the Year Selection Panel, including the principal, a school employee and a School Community Council member, to consider the nominations from the community and employees.


Monday January 20: Chinese New Year Assemblies

Thursday January 30: 5thGrade Reaction Time

Friday January 31: Short Day  

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