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Fundraising Chair

Basic Job Description:

Coordinate school wide fund raiser.  Distribute information about dates of collection, school fund raising goal, collecting/counting money.

The PTA is allowed one fundraiser a year and the school is allowed one fundraiser a year. Draper Elementary School has worked really hard to only have one fundraiser each year and it is typically called “No Fuss Fundraiser”. The Fundraising Chair is responsible for organizing the fundraiser and working closely with the PTA Board to complete the fundraiser. 

Before the School Year Starts (if possible), the Fundraising Chair will:

  • Work closely with the PTA Board to determine the fundraising goal for the whole school and a per-student amount
  • Ask the Treasurer the fundraising budget amount so you know how much you can spend on what you need to advertise the fundraiser
  • Determine the timeline for start and finish of the fundraiser
    • In years past, we have used the Dragon Dash (typically the middle of September) as the finish of our fundraiser. 
    • In the 2018-2019 school year we used the Dragon Dash as a kick off for the fundraiser and finished the fundraiser on October 26th
  • Determine how money will be collected
    • Other easy ways that bring money to our school include (I typed this up to be included in an email to parents and it never went out. We could do a better job advertising these ways to donate to our school):
      • Smith’s Inspiring Donations Program: An easy way to donate money to our school is through the Smith’s Inspiring Donations Program. Simply connect your rewards card to Draper Elementary School and they will donate .5% of your total order to our school! Visit:
      • Amazon Smiles: Go to and select Draper Elementary School as your charitable organization. Simply shop as usual using and they will donate .5% of your total eligible order to Draper Elementary. 
      • Box Tops Remember to clip those box tops and send them to school with your child. Our school earns 10 cents for every box top we send in. Last year we earned $1800, lets see if we can beat that goal this year!!
  • In years past we have created an envelope given to each student to return with money for the fundraiser AND for PTA memberships (see attached copy of the envelope for 2018-2019).
    • I bought colored envelopes on Amazon and had the PTA reimburse me
    • I used the District Copy Center to print the information on the envelopes and had the PTA reimburse me
    • We put labels with the student’s name and their teacher’s name on the envelopes and handed them out that way. In hopes that it would help with recording the money. (Some kids fill out their own envelopes and it can be VERY hard to read). 
  • We typically have a contest with prizes/reward for the class from each grade that returns the most envelopes. 
  • Purchase a small prize (2018-2019 it was a multicolored click pen) to be handed out to each student who returns an envelope and/or donates to the fundraiser
  • Work with PTA Board and talk to corporate sponsors to help raise additional money
    • In 2018-2019 we put corporate sponsor logos on our school shirts that were handed out at the Dragon Dash (an incentive – advertising – for our sponsors)
  • If you’d like, you can create a bulletin board and track fundraising efforts. Ask PTA Board which bulletin board you can use. 

Back to School Night, the Fundraising Chair will:

  • Provide information regarding the fundraiser to parents
    • In the 2018-2019 school year we provided a small flyer to parents with the fundraiser dates/info
    • In years past, I believe they had the envelope ready to hand out?

Dragon Dash, the Fundraising Chair will:

  • Attend Dragon Dash
  • We typically have had a fundraising table at the Dragon Dash
  • In 2018-2019 we had jugs to collect coins for a Penny Wars we incorporated into the fundraising (contest between K-2 and 3-5)

During the Fundraiser, the Fundraising Chair will:

  • Work closely with PTA Board to count and record money raised
  • Help hand out prizes to students who return envelopes
  • Encourage teachers to remind students to donate/turn in envelopes
    • In the 2018-2019 school year, the PTA covered bus duty for the top teacher from each grade who turned in the most envelopes. It was a huge hit!

Overall, be a cheerleader and help the school raise the money!!

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