Behavior & Discipline

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Draper Elementary School Rules

$1Ø  Be Safe

$1Ø  Be Kind

$1Ø  Be Responsible

Major/Minor Behaviors

Minor Rule Violations
Handled by Teacher
Consequence: Prompts/Re-teach/Think Time

Major Rule Violations
Handled by Principal
Consequence: Individualized Intervention

1.     Talking Out

2.     Off task

3.     Pushing/Shoving

4.     Arguing/Back talk

5.     Obscenities

6.     Dress code violations

7.     Gum chewing

8.     Electronic devices not used appropriately

9.     Hats on in school

10.   Throwing paper/small objects

11.   Minor vandalism

12.   Troubling schoolwork 

13.   Cheating

14.   Lying

15.   Inappropriate noises

16.   Disturbing classes (i.e. disruptive or noisy in hallway)

1.     Fighting

2.     Name calling involving racial or sexual slurs or taunts

3.     Bullying

4.     Threats

5.     Weapons

6.     Illegal substances

7.     Vandalism

8.     Repeated incidences of minor behaviors not changed by teacher intervention.

9.     Throwing food/objects

10.   Spitting/Biting others

11.   Uncontrollable tantrums