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March 10

Posted in News & Announcements

From Principal Christy Waddell

LITERACY WEEK:  Thanks to the PTA!!  We have fun things planned all week.  There is a flyer you can access here.  Literacy Week.pdf 

GIRLS ON THE RUN: We will have this at Draper this Spring.  I am attaching a flyer with all the information.  Fill-In 2019 Spring Program Flyer- Draper.pdf 

FROM THE PTA:  Just to check in with those of you who would like emails from Draper Elementary PTA, need to update your email address or for those of you who have not been receiving emails, please respond to the PTA email and let us know. Thank you.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

PARKING LOT: The school board has decided to move forward with our parking lot. This is what the board summary says: Business Administrator Leon Wilcox told the Board of Education that a civil engineer has been hired to work with the city to design a second access road to Draper Elementary. Construction on a portion of the project could begin this summer, Wilcox said, but design and engineering work, and an interlocal agreement with Draper City, would need to be completed first. Given the time constraints, the work may need to be done in two phases. This is an accelerated timeframe for this project, which was initially scheduled for summer 2020.

I will keep you updated with how it is progressing.  I was involved with the total rebuild of Butler Elementary School so I am very familiar with what this is going to take.  I will be involved with most of the meetings. It will cause some inconvenience for a while but as long as we keep in mind that in the end we will have about 150 more parking spaces and an additional way in and out of the school, I think we can be patient.  


Thursday March 15: 3:35pm Faculty meeting

Friday March 16:  9:30 Literacy Assembly

Monday March 25th:  6:00pm School Musical at Draper Park Middle School

Monday March 25th: 3:00pm SCC meeting