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Week of September 11

Posted in News & Announcements

DRAGON DELIVERY                                                                                                                  SEPTEMBER 10, 2017

From Principal Christy Waddell

DRAGON DASH:  The PTA is sponsoring this Fundraiser.  Please support this by having your children bring back their yellow envelopes with donations.  The Dash will be at Corner Canyon High School at 5:30pm on September 18th.  Please come and join us.

EXTENDED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES:  These will begin this week!    

PARKING LOT ISSUES:  I realize our parking lot is not very easy to maneuver around.  We are trying hard to keep the students as safe as possible while also getting you in and out as quickly as possible.  Please do not EVER park in the red curb areas.  We have teachers and staff outside to help things move as quickly as possible so please follow their directions.  You can imagine it isn’t the easiest job so please treat them with respect. 

REFLECTIONS:  The students watched a fun video on Friday to introduce the reflections contest.  The entries are due on October 6th.  You can find the papers needed to submit your entry inside the front doors. 

AIR QUALITY:  We check the air quality often to determine whether or not students should go outside to play.  It looks like this week should be better.  If your child has asthma or a respiratory condition that puts them in a sensitive group, then please make sure the teacher is aware of that.

BOND:  The district is hoping to have a bond approved at the next election.  Please go to the district web site to see what they plan on spending the money on.  Two things that would impact this community would be the building of the wings at Corner Canyon High School and the building of a new elementary school in west Draper. 

SALTA TESTING ANNOUNCED:  The window is September 11-October 4.  Go to this web site for more information and to sign up:  csdsalta.weebly.com


Tuesday September 12:  9:00am PTA meeting

Wednesday September 13:  8:00am-8:30am Room Parent meeting in the gym

Wednesday September 13: 4:00pm SCC meeting to set calendar for the year

Thursday September 14:  8:00am Dragons and Donuts