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DRAGON DELIVERY                                                                                           October 25, 2020

From Principal Christy Waddell

SWITCHING LEARNING OPTIONS: You should have gotten a message this weekend about how to change your learning option.  You only need to do something IF you want to change your current learning option—Online to In person OR In person to Online. You can also choose the Parent Lead option if you want. You will go to your skyward family access, the same place where you did your registration.  It will not be available until November 1stand it will close November 8th.  Everyone needs to understand that the class sizes may change, drastically.  We may get many more in each class which means your kids will be closer to others.  We will do our best but please be aware this could happen. There will be no changing after November 8th.

PROPER CLOTHING: Your children need to wear clothing appropriate for them to be able to go outside for recess.  If they have to stay in then they will not get a chance to take their masks off.  Please, more than any other year, dress them so they can go outside.

CLASS CHANGES: Since we will be having changes, there is a good chance I will have to change classes for students.  I will try my best to have the changes be as few as possible but there is no guarantee your student will continue with the teacher they currently have. That is not the case for Dual Immersion. Those teachers will stay the same. Please be positive with your children and tell them they are doing their part to help us stay open. I should be let you know if your child needs to change around November 15th.  The changes take place on November 23rd.

COVID:  We are doing relatively well but we are still getting a few cases here and there.  Please let us know if anyone in your family gets covid and/or if anyone needs to be quarantined. It helps if we have that information. Please remind your students to wear their masks.  It would be great if they also brought an extra one in case it gets dirty.

HALLOWEEN: Your children can wear costumes without masks, except for the regular masks we wear to keep safe.  It would be fine to have one that matches the costume but no covering the eyes.  Since we no longer have in person school on Fridays, we will need to use every minute possible teaching. So, Thursday October 29th your children will be doing school work most of the day.  There will be a short party that the teacher will plan.  If you would like to assist, please email the teacher.  We will not have volunteers but there may be other ways for you to help.  The Halloween celebrations will be on Thursday October 29th.

PICK UP/DROP OFF:  The drop off is going pretty smooth in the mornings.  Remember to pull up as far as possible.  This allows more cars to be able to drop off.  It only takes the kids about a minute to walk to the playground.  For the Pick up:  please do not park out on the street to the west.  It is dangerous and the crossing guards are worried someone is going to be hit.  They may be asking the police to come and patrol it.  Please be patient when picking the kids up in the parking lot and allow others to merge in even if it means you might have to wait an extra minute.  I know it isn’t ideal but we need to get this down really well before we start to get snow.  Right now, it only takes 10 minutes to get everyone picked up.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday 10/29: Halloween celebrations

November 1-8: Learning Option Switch

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