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DRAGON DELIVERY                                                                                          February 9, 2020

From Principal Christy Waddell

SNOW DAY: The district has decided to have the make-up day on Presidents day, Monday February 17.  We realize many of you already have plans to be out of town or simply doing family things. We understand that and will not be pressuring you to cancel anything.  Some of the teachers may be reaching out to get a sense of how many students will be in their class that day.  Please let them know so they can more adequately plan the day. Most of the teachers will be here that day but a few already have plane tickets and the like and will be gone.

EMERGENCY SUBSTITUTES: There are occasions when we need a substitute but there are just none available from the district.  If you would be interested in being an “emergency” sub please call the school and talk to our secretary, Marian.  She can tell you what it would entail to get on the list.  You would only be asked to sub if we can’t get one from the district and you can always say no if you have plans.  We have a couple of people on this list but we could use more.  The office phone # 801-826-8275.

CLASS REPRESENTATIVE’S MEETING: We have class representatives for 2ndthrough 5thgrade.  We will be meeting once a month to talk about issues they may have about the school.  They bring issues that the students in their classrooms have talked about. This last week I asked how they felt the new parking lot was working.  They said they love it but they still think too many of the parents are not pulling up and around like they should.  I told them I would put this in the newsletter.  They say it isn’t too far to walk so parents should just move up.

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES: Monday February 10th is the day you can start signing up for conferences.  Here is the information you will need:  SEP Conf. signups.pdf  This is the same information I sent home on Thursday evening.

PTA NOMINATIONS: The PTA is in the process of filling two PTA executive board spots for next year – President Elect (can be held by 2 people) and Membership Chair.  Please take a minute to fill out this form and nominate yourself or someone you think would be right for the  job: Serving on the executive board is a great way to serve the school and make new friends. If you have any questions, please email the PTA at


Tuesday February 11: 9:00am PTA meeting

Wednesday February 12: 5thgrade to the Symphony

Friday February 14: 1:40pm Short Day, Valentine’s Day parties.  Check with the teacher for the time. 

Monday February 17: Make-up day for the snow day

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